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Trend Alert... How to Wear the 80's Today

The 80's are back... but this time around designers are putting the spotlight on cocktail dresses and evening wear. Although there may be plenty of power suits, slouchy slacks and active wear, when it comes to this decadent decade, it’s all about after hours glam. This spring, you need a liquid metallic mini dress, a plunging naval neckline, the strong shoulders, and a super short hemline. relaxed and ruffled metallic version with a cinched waist.

In terms of outerwear, glossy finishes are the way to go with a slick patent trench coat leading the way. The wet look was spotted on runways everywhere. The black and royal blue colour combo adds another level of 80's edge.

Hitting a home run isn’t hard when you’re dressed like an 80's icon. Think glam...think Linda Evans and Joan Collins from the 80's hit series, Dynasty. The epitome of 80's success, fame and glamour.

Punk princess with chiseled cheekbones and exaggerated brows, would make Blondie and Brooke Shields proud. Mousse and tousle those tresses high for a statement do with pumped up volume. Staggering pumps are like, totally awesome, and if you're feeling especially daring, pair them with a ruffle or neon sock! For a totally radical, 80's inspired look slip on the fierce colour combo of pink and purple, also inspired from spring 2017 runways. And we can't overlook the harem pant! Remember, when it comes to the 80's, more is more. Be the life of the party, cuz we all know that..."girls just wanna have fun!”


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