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What's Trending For 2017?

So what are the hair trends for 2017? We went to Vegas to find out...

KEVIN.MURPHY is thought to be one of THE authorities for hair trends...from the runway, to the everyday. We closed up shop and headed to the KEVIN.MURPHY Hair Show in Vegas to further our education...and to bring back the newest looks and techniques to apply in house! The trends for 2017 are all about embracing natural textures. We want movement in the hair, and broken edges. If your hair is lacking in natural waves and texture you can consider a loose body wave to get this easy, carefree look.

Bohemian is a very strong trend for 2017. The look is beautiful, soft, natural and feminine. Layering will give you the added texture and release movement into your hair.

KEVIN.MURPHY’s “DO.OVER” enables you to get that graphic look, in just one product. It gives a little bit of grip to your hair and gives it density. It’s optimal on day-old hair, with three products in one! It includes a dry shampoo, a root powder for lift and volume, and a finishing spray for a very light hold. A must have for the natural or bohemian look.

Strong bangs and heavy fringes are a big, 60’s inspired trend that is making the scene...

If you're looking for change, they're an easy way to update your look and get a fresh, new style. They're guaranteed to make you a trend setter. Bangs are undeniably sexy and they're guaranteed to get you noticed. Still not ready to take the plunge? Try a bang can sport those bangs without the commitment!

Braids are here to stay…they are not going anywhere. Box braids and corn rows are also having their moment. Hair influence from Paris to Prague brings us undressed looks, square shapes and box braids. The look is hair that looks lived in, where the hair is roughed up so that the hair looks like hair, not a helmet...just remember, there’s a line between “hair” and “birds nest”. There are so many exciting ways to wear your braids these days and so many fun things you can do with them. They lend themselves well to the boho look, and are great for the girl on the go...a welcome reprieve from having to style your hair everyday! Just wake-up and you're ready!

To see fashion in 2017, you need to look at it through eyes of the 90’s... Kevin says to pretend you’re stuck in the 90’s looking at trends of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, but you’re looking through 90’s tinted shades. So the trends you see will all have a 90’s flair to them; makeup for 2017 is going very stated and bold, just like the 90’s…with bold lips going bolder, and dark eye makeup going darker. Fashion is also heading into the 90’s, but with a modern flair. With clothes going bigger…giving a bigger silhouette, we need to draw back a bit with the size of needs to be a bit more understated. Hair is being influenced from the 50’s roller sets with the glamorous bouncy, wave patterns…the 60’s with the strong bangs…and the 70’s with its loose, natural, wavy locks and boho braids.

Hair from the runway has inspired the use of embellishments in the hair... Try using everything from Bhindi beads, to your grandmother's broaches, gems, and even silver and gold leafing in your styles. Even headbands have made a huge comeback. Say goodbye to the the tight, sometimes painful headbands of yesteryear, and hello to the fashion forward and comfortable headbands of today. Adorned with beautiful gems and flowers these looks are especially hot for brides today. Flowers in the ends of hair are also a really big influence from Paris. You can find many of these hair accessories and more at RENU...from hair jewels, gems, Bhindi beads, and Pink Pewter head bands.

Pink Pewter offers stunning high-fashion accessories that are fun, edgy, and suited for a range of looks... You can effortlessly accentuate any outfit or change it completely. We brought in Pink Pewter for the more fashion-savvy woman and provide you with an ever-evolving flow of gorgeous couture collections.

To re-create the Paris to Prague undone, lived in look use the hair recipe that the pros use on the runway...


-Body.Builder on dry hair roots to ends

-Anti.Gravity spray on dry hair on mid length to ends

-Hair.Resort spray on dry hair on ends

After setting your hair with loose waves work these products through, using the pressure from your palms and fingers to separate, shape and style.

Go For The Green! Pantone has announced that the color of the year for 2017 is “greenery”, which we will see translated in décor, fashion, and even in hair. The greenery will be a big look with the bride who wants to embrace some natural elements and incorporate flowers and greens into her hair style.

Lilac, pastels and denim hair colors are having an even bigger moment! In recent years we’ve seen a big movement in fashion hair colors. For 2017 we’re going to be seeing an even bigger movement of lilac and pastels and denim hair colors. At RENU we carry products that allow us to add temporary colors that last just for the day right at the chair, to adding that little pop of color to your up-styles, and even products that the client can use at home. We also carry the best selection for temporary to more permanent fashion colors. Or you may want to opt for a fashion color tape-in hair extension to add that color!

Ombre's and free-hand Balayages are strong trends for 2017... We're also in love with those ighlights and babylights, that are blended and natural, giving a sun-kissed feel.

For men the look is classic fading and C shape fading... Men are more into their grooming than ever before! We carry a men’s line of skincare, beard care products, and a wide selection of KEVIN.MURPHY men’s hair care, Johnny B., Bed Head and Big Sexy.

“How can we make you feel beautiful? Behind the chair we are craftsman, but we are also artists.”



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