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Brows 101- Everything You Need To Know About Brows

Good brows can take 10 years off someone. Brows are one of the most defining features on the face, and when shaped improperly can draw attention in all the wrong ways. We'll cover the art of properly shaping your brows for your facial structure, and we'll discuss brow products that can help you get the results you want.

Getting picture-perfect brows can be easy...sculpt your brows with wax, fill them in with pigmented powder and highlight the brow bone under the arch. And if you still need a little more help here are some more detailed tips...

Some of our biggest beauty inspirations have made bold brows their calling card, so now is the time to get on board with a strong brow. Professional makeup artist, Elle Leary, set out to prove that even those with peaches-n-cream complexions can join in on the fun.

  1. Brush your clean, untouched brows upwards with a small brow brush or spoolie and trim any long or wayward hairs so the brows are as cleaned-up as possible. (Never brush down and trim. Always brush up and trim above.) Use with brow wax to hold everything in place.

  2. Using an angled brow brush, pat some concealer on sparse areas. Allow a minute for the concealer to set.

  3. Using an eyebrow pencil, make three tick marks that you will use as your guide when filling in. Connect the dots with the pencil. Keep this first layer light; you’re just finding the shape. For the fair-skinned blondes, Leary recommends using ashy colors that have a yellow or green base on the brow. Those with darker coloring can go even bolder.

  4. Go over the concealer-coated areas with brow powder. If the area is still looking bare and needs some more love, repeat the concealer-then-powder process until the area blends well with the rest of the brows. Fill in the rest of your brows as needed until you get the full shape desired. Fill in the brow with powder and a strong, stiff brush. In general, the front of the eyebrow should be little more square, but still natural. You want the most intensity concentrated at the arch. Highlight the brow bone under the arch with concealer or a highlighter shadow.

Whether you prefer your brows au naturel or take them to Cara Delevinge status brows have emerges as one of the biggest beauty trends!

One of the trickiest things in makeup application can be to master the shape of the perfect brow. The key to finding the perfect frame for your peepers? Your face shape.

Oval: For this shape you can wear almost any shape. If your face is a bit on the longer side it may help to not have your arch too high. Brows should be almost straight-across with minimal arch that's soft and angled; this will bring balance to a longer-shaped face. Round: Most people with a round face shape tend to want to elongate their face. Don't be afraid of creating a higher angled arch. Half-moon brows can actually make your face appear more round. Long: If you have a longer face, giving the brows more of a horizontal, lined shape can help make your face look softer and more rounded. Avoid over-enhancing the arch; otherwise you will give the illusion of an even-longer face. Square: With square face shapes, the jawline is usually the most prominent feature. Focusing on angling the brow at the arch can balance out the jawline and give it a softer edge. Diamond: A softly curved eyebrow shape is best for diamond-shaped faces because it will make the widest part of the face (your cheekbones) appear narrower. Following the natural curve of your brow bone is best when shaping your brows. Heart: If your forehead tends to be more wide and come to a point at your chin, focus on creating a natural, arched brow and slowly adding volume as you go. This way, you'll take more focus off the width of your forehead and your brows will be more in balance with your chin.

Brow Pencils: These handy little tools allow for precise brow-filling. Most people who want the most control will use a pencil, because of its simplicity and ease of use.

I recommend Merle Norman's Automatic Fine Brow Pencil. This slim, fine-tipped retractable pencil is the ultimate styling tool for ultra defined brows. It creates hairlike strokes with ease. Use short, quick strokes and blend to create natural-looking brows.

Or the Definitive™ Brow Pencil. This wood-clenched, firm-textured pencil provides brow definition and resists smudging and smearing all day! Its higher concentration of brow-friendly waxes impart natural color with precision. Use short, quick strokes and blend to create natural-looking brows. Brow Powders: Brow powders are ideal for adding some volume and depth to your brows. Merle Norman's Natural Brow Powders are designed to add definition, and come with an angled application brush. Quick Tip: Go for a color that’s about two shades lighter than your natural hair for a more natural finish.

Merle Norman's Natural Brow Powder. Fill in the blanks with this richly pigmented powder that delivers natural-looking, buildable color, texture and definition to brows. Blends easily. Apply with backward strokes against hair growth for a natural-looking brow.

Brow Waxes: If you want waterproof, stay-all-day brows, this is the product for you. Brow waxes are used to fill in gaps within brows and are also usually waterproof. It's a good idea to use a pencil or powder with it to help set the color and shape.

Try Merle Norman's Natural Brow Wax. This colorless brow-grooming wax helps tame and smooth brow hairs or gives brow powder a lasting base to grab onto. Apply a small amount to brush then stroke lightly onto brow.

Most of all, have fun with your brows! Try out different brow shapes and find the one that feels most like "you". With bold brows on the rise there’s no point putting a heavy brow on if you don't wear a lot of make-up.

In general, the goal of eyebrow shaping is to enhance your natural shape, but it doesn’t mean you have no room to play. Simple tweaks — an arch here, a flick there — can give you a whole new look. See how professional makeup artist, Elyse Reneau, works her magic.

The Dramatic High Arch Achieving a high arch is a two-stroke process. Think of your eyebrow in two parts: before the arch and after the arch. For the first section of your brow, start with an angled brush positioned so it’s angled up slightly. Fill in this section using strokes that angle up toward the highest point of the arch. For the second half of your brow, tilt your brush so it’s angling down. Keep your strokes sharp and defined, especially around the arch.

The Sleek Slim Peak To create an eyebrow with a more natural, gradual arch you’ll use smooth transitions — no distinct direction changes this time. Start along the bottom edge of your brow and use strokes that move straight across. Taper off slightly as you reach the end of your eyebrow. Finish by softening and blending — especially the front of the brow — with a spoolie.

The Glamorous Full Brow For the fullest of brows, you’re going to overextend a few boundaries past your natural shape. To begin, hold your pencil up to the inner corner of your nostril. Make a tick mark there. When filling in that front section of the brow, use little brush strokes to fake the appearance of hair. Follow the shape of your natural brow, concentrating on defining the arch. Then extend the tail of the brow out — not down. Use very light strokes when building out the tail to avoid overdoing it.


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