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Lash Growth Serum

Our Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancing Serum is a unique formula of lash enhancing, conditioning, moisturizing and strengthening ingredients that synergistically work to help improve the overall appearance of eyelashes and eyebrows.


How do you use our lash serum?

Apply the lash serum to the base of the upper eyelashes using the applicator. The eye should be completely clean of any make-up or eye creams. Start from the inner corner of the eye and work outwards, directly on the base of your eyelashes. Use once daily in the evening before bedtime.



How do you make your eyelashes grow back?

The underlying problem may have to be treated before normal eyelash growth can resume.

  1. Take it easy on the eyelash curler. You don't have to skip it altogether, but only curl each lash for 10 to 20 seconds.

  2. Eat a healthy diet. Choose foods that are high in protein and essential fatty acids.

  3. Take a daily multivitamin supplement.

  4. Try a lash serum & conditioning treatment and use daily.



How long does it take for the lash serum to work?

Typically three to four weeks before you see results. The full treatment should be at least 16 weeks.


How long is the growth cycle of lashes?

The anagen phase is also called the growth phase. This is the phase when lashes are actively growing, and it lasts between 30 and 45 days. Only about 40 percent of the upper lashes and 15 percent of the lower lashes are in the anagen phase at any one time. Each lash will grow to a specific length and then stop. A lash growth serum can help lashes grow longer and stronger during its anagen phase.

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