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When someone talks about Boudoir photography there’s often a sense of uncertainty involved.

“Isn’t that those scandalous pictures with half naked women in them?”

Ok…yes, there may be a little bit of skin involved here, but really not a whole lot more than when you put on your bikini for a day at the lake. Boudoir photography is way more about female empowerment and inner sex appeal than it is about simply being a sex kitten and baring it all for the world to see. (Unless you want to be a sex kitten because we love to bring that out too!)

Historically speaking, the term “boudoir” originated in France to define a woman’s private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room. “Boudoir Photography” has been around since the beginning of photographic time but like all erotic art, it has only become more widely acceptable in the last decade or so. Boudoir styled photography gained popularity during the Pin up girl craze in the 1940’s & 50’s and continued on evolving with each decade. Today, Boudoir Photography has become a modern way to celebrate your femininity. A lot of people still get nervous about bearing it all for the camera, but really these photos are for you and the select audience you wish to show them to. They are as risque or a conservative as you want them to be. It’s about allowing yourself to simply be you!

The times have changed and there’s no reason a woman can’t take charge of her sexuality in what ever way makes her feel best about herself. Are you ready to unleash your inner naughtiness?

If you still have questions, that’s ok! Be sure to take a peek at our Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ) for answers.
Having questions is normal, especially when it’s about getting down into your intimates. We urge you to read through our BOUDOIR FAQ to see if we can give you the answers you're looking for. If you don’t see the answer your looking for feel free to contact Cindy, the photographer, at 418.290.7227, or your stylists at 780.661.RENU (7268).



What do I bring with me to my shoot?


We suggest bringing a few sexy outfits, props, and shoes as you like. As well it is highly recommended that you bring 2 pairs of pull up stockings in either black, fishnet, or seamed up the back.  You can also bring along your iPod with your favorite play lists.


What do you suggest for outfits?


Anything can be sexy! We definitely suggest bringing a corset or a favorite piece of lingerie, a push up bra and matching pantie set, and some boy shorts. Other ideas for outfits are a seductive top, hats, his shirt and tie, bright & colorful panties and bra’s (pink, purple, teal, red), sexy skirts, a leather jacket, garters, a chiffon scarf. You can do themed outfits, like a retro pin up outfit, a bad cop, a french maid, or a naughty school girl. Many ladies opt to bring props like hockey jerseys or equipment, other sporting equipment, guitars, firefighting gear, camouflage - whatever holds special meaning to you and/or your significant other. And of course, high heels in different colors and styles! Just have fun with it!


What do you provide for the photoshoot?


We have a variety of jewellery that you are welcome to utilize for outfits. We also provide bathrobes for you to wear for hair and make up styling and in between your photo sets.



How many outfits should I bring?


As many as you like and we will tailor them down once you get here. As a loose guideline the we can shoot up to 3 outfits. Don't forget your heels!




How long is the session?


You should plan to be available for aprox. 3 hours. Once you arrive we will go through your outfits and start with our wardrobe styling. From there you will go into hair and make up which typically takes over an hour but can vary based on the look you want to achieve. Also there is some additional time added to your shoot for wardrobe and prop changes.


Is the photographer a female?


Yes, we have an all female staff here, from our photographer, to our stylists and makeup artists. Cindy, the  photographer, is an Award Winning Published Photographer based in Cold Lake, Alberta. Cindy excels in her art, recipient of five national prizes for the quality of her photography.


Will I have help with posing?


Yes! Our photographer will give you a ton of direction throughout the shoot in terms of everything from your poses, to what to do with your hands, to how to obtain that “sexy” look with your facial expressions. She will talk you out of being nervous and get you feeling like an empowered, strong woman.




What if I am really nervous?


Everyone is a little nervous of the idea of getting into your intimates in front of a camera.  We guarantee you by the time you are 10 minutes into your shoot you will have let go of your butterflies and be enjoying every minute of your session. We will coach you along the way and you may be surprised at how much fun you will have.


Do I have to be a size 2 to get great photos? And what if I don't like my tummy, arms, thighs...


You do not need to be a size 2 to get great photos! There is no need to worry! We celebrate women of all sizes and help you to embrace your body as it is.  Cindy has an arsenal of poses and lighting techniques that can hide any areass that you may feel self conscious about, but by the end of the shoot the last thing you will be thinking of is your ‘problem area’.





Do I have to get naked?


No, not at all! We can do strategically covered topless shots, but there is never any full nudity in a typical shoot. Leaving a little to the imagination will drive any man wild! If you are interested in any nude shots a consultation will be required to discuss your ideas prior to your shoot.


Do you require a deposit?


Yes, we require $100 deposit to secure your appointment. Deposits are non-refundable and the remaining amount is due the day of the shoot.


How can I pay?


We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Debit. You can pay at RENU hair salon & spa. We do not take payment over the phone.

What is your cancellation policy?


48 hours notice is required before the day of your shoot to be eligible to use your initial deposit towards another session. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.



I think this is a great gift you offer Gift Certificates?


Yes, we have professionally designed gift certificates available at RENU hair salon & spa.



What do I do to prepare?


Before the day of your shoot we recommend getting hair touch ups, waxing, and manicure/pedicures done. You can also consider getting a light spray tan. We offer all of these services at RENU.  (We also suggest staying away from self tanners unless you are an expert at application. The last thing you want is streaky legs and orange palms!) The day of your shoot drink plenty of water, moisturize your entire body and don’t forget to have a little snack before you come. If you are getting your hair and make up done please come with a fresh clean face and clean, dry hair.


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