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Our Vogue Pearl™ hair extensions deliver premium quality hair that can be added for length, volume, or both!                                            


  • For all hair types

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Colour safe

  • 7-month wear duration (can be immediately reinstalled)

  • Completely hidden both up and down

  • No chemicals, no adhesive

  • No braids, no threads, no damage!


To learn more about our hair extensions and what they can do for you, book a free consultation with our Extension Specialist, where you can discuss specific solutions for…

  • Plumping mid-lengths and ends

  • Adding length at the front and sides

  • Filling in aging, thinning hair

  • Bringing excitement to a boring style

  • Achieving longer, fuller hair from a mid-length base


Consultation Required for All Extensions


Service prices do not include taxes or gratuities and are subject to change without notice.

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