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Tape-In Hair Extensions are a consistently popular choice. They’re quick, easy, flexible, and a good fit for both experienced hair extension wearers and newcomers. But what is it about this method that really sets it apart?


Versatile enough for any hair type.A key distinction of our Tape-In method is that it’s an ideal choice for fine or thin-haired women. Unlike Fusion and I-Tip extensions, Tape-In hair requires no additional bonds or tools to install. There is no additional weight from I-Tip beads or keratin bonds—just the nearly weightless tape already present on the weft. Furthermore, each weft is wider than a typical Fusion or I-Tip strand, since the extension hair is dispersed along the width of the tape strip. This means that, when applied to your hair, the weight of the extension is spread across a wider surface area, placing less stress on individual hairs. There’s even an alternative Tape-In installation strategy in which the section of hair is sandwiched between a Tape-In extension weft and a piece of single sided tape (instead of two Tape-In wefts) to further reduce the weight being added to the your head. The result is a full-looking head of hair that feels as natural as possible.

Versatile Enough For Any HairType
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Tape-In tape, and the extensions that accompany them, are unprecedentedly flat. This allows for the extensions to lay flush against your head, hugging your contours and resting easily in-between your natural layers. They also install quickly and gently, with nothing more than a touch of pressure to smooth the tape down. Tape-In extensions are comfortable to wear, whether to work or to bed, and are easy to care for. You won’t even notice that they’re there—until you look in the mirror.

Flat, Smooth, Comfortable

Our Tape-In tape is a latex-free medical grade adhesive that is durable enough to last through hair care and styling procedures, yet safe enough to wear for months on end. The tape allows for totally damage-free installations, involving no heat and no strain on the client’s hair. It’s also skin-safe, causing no irritation even to the most sensitive of users.

Damage Free Installation
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Classic Collection

Classic Collection

Tape-In Colour Pop

1 Piece

Tape-In Peak-A-B00s

10 Pieces

Tape-In Full Head

40 Pieces

Tape-In Full Head

50 Pieces



400 +




100 +




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New hair. New you.

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