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Our CLASSIC COLLECTION is specifically designed to allow you to quickly add length and volume with versatile Clip-Ins, Tape-Ins or Wefts. Choose from this collection if you like to make colour changes often or do not plan to wear them for a long term duration. Each extension is damage-free and blends seamlessly for any occasion. The hair is made with 100% Remi Human Hair. Once the hair has been toned it is pigment sealed to prevent fading, leaving the Extensions with full-cuticle intact, and should last 6-9 months of full-time use.


Vogue Pearl Method

The hair is collected at the individual donor level for consistency and then washed immediately. These hair bundles are tied with organic cotton throughout the majority of the curation process so that no other hair is ever mixed in.

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The hair is boiled without toxic chemicals to ensure the hair bundles maintain their longevity, flexibility elasticity and shine. For lighter colour bundles, the hair undergoes a gentle process to remove dark pigmentation that can take 21-28 days to complete.

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In order to maintain consistent quality, each bundle of hair is from one individual. The meticulous selection process starts by combing through every bundle and extracting any inconsistent strands of hair. The hair is washed in small batches and the initial washes even take a few days to complete.

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