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Cindy Couture

Seeing the beauty in you

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Cindy Couture Photography Is Based in Cold Lake, Alberta.

Cindy excels in her art, recipient of five national prizes for the quality of her photography.


"I grew up in a house where art was omnipresent. I remember so clearly attending college art classes with my mom as a child. She has inspired me my entire life with her beautiful portraits. To this day, I like to think that we inspire each other. I also have fond memories of watching my big brother draw on “Microsoft paint” using nothing but an old ball mouse; the end results were always so inspiring. He’s now a prominent digital artist in the gaming industry. My oldest brother is also very talented musically. With that being said, I was born with creativity in my blood. There was no escaping it.

In high school I enrolled in a photography class. On day one I was asked to leave when I informed the teacher I couldn’t afford a camera. He didn’t even try to find a way to make it work. I was devastated. My dreams seemed crushed, thankfully only for the time being.

 In November of 2008 I picked up my first DSLR in Quebec, Canada and started my journey to become a photographer. I struggled throughout the process of teaching myself. I searched high and low for my style. For years I assumed I had to be like other successful photographers and thought that would be how I’d gain success. My insecurities were starting to get the best of me. In 2012 I won my first awards when I entered a nation- wide photo contest following my fathers’ strong insistence. I was blessed enough to attend the award ceremony in Ottawa, Ontario. That was when I knew I had it in me, but there was still something missing and it led me to quit photography in fall of 2013. After months of no longer doing what I loved, I picked my camera back up and continued where I left off, only this time deciding to experiment more. I continued to win awards in 2013 and 2014 as I proceeded on this journey. It was only until recently when I moved to Alberta, Canada when I became aware that I am only as good as me. Once I came to that realization, my unique style was formed. I started to be truer to myself, embracing my dark, edgy soul. That’s when it started to show through my photography.

I tend to do a lot of research beforehand to give my models specific mood boards with examples of what I’m looking for so there is no confusion. I have always felt an attraction to dramatic, emotional photos that tell a story so I search for eyes with emotion behind them to photograph.  I am constantly seeking for methods to better myself, to expand and to experiment in new fresh ways. I don’t like to spend too much time editing so post work is always simple and straight to the point since I found what works great for me.

I am always growing in my craft and I appreciate everyone who has stood by me through the process of the good, the bad and the ugly."




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