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Beauty & Pin-Ups

We Create Healthy Beauty Inside and Out.

Use Only Healthy, Lavish Ingredients

Beauty starts at the root. That’s why we pour our heart and talent into creating lavish formulas that nurture hair health, from skin to locks, inside and out. Our products star A-list ingredients — Amla, Argan and Avocado Oil — each famous for coaxing luster and health to the surface. We start wtih Amla, a revered botanical from India, which penetrates the scalp to strengthen tresses at the root, then nourishes all the way to the end. We add Argan, a Mediterranean treasure, for luxurious softening, conditioning and taming. Then comes Avocado Oil to moisturize with nutrients, fats and omega 3’s as well as amplify shine. Exceptional ingredients for a fabulous, top-to-bottom you. That’s the beauty of Beauty & Pin-Ups.

Celebrate The Individual
Beauty & Pin-Ups loves, lives and owns what it does.

We’re hairstylists, designers and innovators passionate about creating beauty with a purpose. Every product we fashion makes a difference because we view life and women from a unique lens. Our values prove it.

Disrupt By Design

The beauty industry needs a company that disrupts the status quo. Our innovations and next-gen technologies are what customers crave.

Our products celebrate you — the sassy, fun-loving, shine-your-own-light original who owns it inside and out.

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